My name is Max Williams. I am a qualified Sports Therapist, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Boxercise Instructor and a Life Coach.As a fitness enthusiast, I am passionate about health and fitness. I have worked as a gym instructor for many years. During my days working as a gym instructor, I have met a lot of fitness enthusiasts, striving to achieve their mindset goals but unfortunately  many of them lack the knowledge of how to exercise properly. What type of exercise they should be doing. How to progress their workout etc. has hindered their efforts.

To help out I launched “Timeout Fitness Class” a group workout session to help and support in achieving mind set goals without any difficulties. My “Timeout Fitness Class” was a success.

This led to high demand of one to one personal training session. I began to have personal training session in the public gym, but there are some disadvantages of having a personal training in the public gym, for instance:  the client finds it difficult to concentrate on their workout due to distraction by other gym users; inability to complete or carry out workout is embarrassing for client in the public gym; also client’s lack of ability to relax and enjoy their workout in that environment.

Considering these factors, which are obstacles for achieving set goals, I decided to open a personal training gym, where each client will enjoy their workout in privacy.  At Timeout Fitness you will find a well equipped gym, spacious for aerobic workouts, boxercise sessions with hanging punch bag, access to clean water dispenser, floor mats in place to reduce impact on the joints, well ventilated gym suitable for all weather, etc. Check out our gallery page for some images.

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